We Are Committed to Helping Animals

The Society is and has been a non-killing, educational Society since 1984.

Dog Training

There are no short cuts to properly training a dog. Don’t fall victim to the TV dog trainers who promise to train dogs in a week or two for $500 to $1500. Most probably, you will wind up wasting your money and can ruin your dog, especially if you opt for any aggression training. Learn More

Pet Clinic

Low cost vaccinations, Heart Worm Tests and Heart Worm Pills are available for those owners who cannot afford to pay full price at veterinary hospitals. Prices at our clinics are going to be one-half or less than regular hospital prices. Learn More

Pet Adoptions

All of our dogs in the adoption program are in training and are not put up for adoption until we feel they are ready. We don’t put up pictures of our pets because we feel there are many more important factors involved, other than looks, when people are considering adoption. Learn More

Get Help For Animals In Need!

The Arlington Humane Society is on the side of you and your pet.

Resolve Behavior Issues

Dog obedience issues are the reason half the pets in shelters are there. Let us help you help your pet with professional dog training.

Emergency Vet Care

We work with local veterinarians to help responsible pet owners with temporary financial assistance or other help.

Low-Cost Pet Clinics

We don’t need any more unwanted puppies or kittens. Spaying and Neutering also makes for a better behaved pet and helps in training.


Since 1984, The Arlington Humane Society has worked to provide for the needs of dogs throughout our local area.

The humane society is so great to work with. Because everyone there is so nice and supportive, and they're all animal lovers like me.
Bella Thorne

A Better World For Pets in Arlington Since 1984

The Arlington Humane Society was founded in 1984 by pet industry professionals, i.e., veterinarians; kennel owners and dog trainers on the principle of Retention not Surrender. There are numerous other shelters in the local area that take unwanted pets; over 90% of which are killed. The Society is and has been a non-killing, educational Society since 1984. We will do everything within our power to help pet owners keep their pets. This includes training and problem behavior resolution programs and low cost veterinary services among many other things. Surrendering your pet to any other organization, regardless of what they say or how much money you donate is most likely a death warrant for your pet.

The Arlington Humane Society is a totally volunteer organization. No one gets paid. Further, the Society operates out of donated space, donated by local kennels and veterinarians. If the Society had to pay for these facilities, staff and other services that are donated free of charge, it would cost many thousands of dollars which the Society does not have. All Society policies and programs are governed by our Board of Directors.

The Society does not try to compete with municipal animal control agencies which are tax funded and mandated to take all animals, regardless of health or adopt-ability.

Arlington Humane Society

Hence, most city operated shelters and traditional killing “humane” societies become overcrowded shelters, full of sick un-adoptable animals that end of being killed. This is not what the Arlington Humane Society is all about. Only after exhausting every possibility to keep the pet in the home will the Society consider taking the pet. And then, the Society only accepts healthy, adoptable animals from owners who have no other possible option other than surrender. We will not take a pet that can’t be adopted and must be put down. That’s not our job.

Note To Pit Bull Dog Owners: Due to the fact Society insurance does not cover dog attacks, we cannot deal with breeds known for aggression. Your municipal operated Animal Control agency has professional staff trained and paid to deal with such dog breeds. We do not.

Make A Donation!

We operate solely on the generous donations of the local community.