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 Mission Statement

Arlington Humane Society Arlington Humane Society was founded in 1984 by pet industry professionals, i.e., veterinarians; kennel owners and dog trainers on the principle of Retention not Surrender. There are numerous other shelters in the local area that take unwanted pets; over 90% of which are killed.  The Society is and has been a non-killing, educational Society since 1984.  We will do everything within our power to help pet owners keep their pets.  This includes training and problem behavior resolution programs and low cost veterinary services among many other things.  Surrendering your pet to any other organization, regardless of what they say or how much money you donate is most likely a death warrant for your pet.

The Arlington Humane Society is a totally volunteer organization.  No one gets paid.  Further, the Society operates out of donated space, donated by local kennels and veterinarians. If the Society had to pay for these facilities, staff and other services that are donated free of charge, it would cost many thousands of dollars which the Society does not have.  All Society policies and programs are governed by our Board of Directors.

The Society does not try to compete with municipal animal control agencies which are tax funded and mandated to take all animals, regardless of health or adoptability.  Hence, most city operated shelters and traditional killing “humane” societies become overcrowded shelters, full of sick unadoptable animals that end of being killed.  This is not what the Arlington Humane Society is all about.  Only after exhausting every possibility to keep the pet in the home will the Society consider taking the pet.  And then, the Society only accepts healthy, adoptable animals from owners who have no other possible option other than surrender.  We will not take a pet that is unadoptable and must be killed.  That’s not our job.

Note To Pit Bull Dog Owners:  We do not deal with this breed of dog or other overly aggressive breeds due to the fact that we are all volunteers and the Society insurance will not cover dog attacks.  Your municipal operated Animal Control agency has a professional, paid staff trained to deal with these dogs.  We do not.

Programs To Help Owners Keep Pets

Dog Training and Problem Behavior Resolution:  Well over one-half of all pets in shelters are there because of a behavior problem.  Dogs are biting, barking, chewing, pottying in the house or digging holes in the backyard.  Cats are scratching the furniture or not using the litter box.  Let us help you fix those problems.  Let’s not condemn the pet to death.  No one else wants a pet with problems.  Let’s fix the problem with proper training and behavior modification.  All training programs are free of charge.  We do ask that you make a tax deductible donation to support our programs, but it is not mandatory.

Puppies should start training at 7 weeks old and not be allowed to develop any problem behavior.  We run Puppy Kindergarten classes for puppies beginning at 7 weeks of age.  All puppies must have started vaccinations, be wormed and be healthy.

Adult classes focus on basic commands and correcting problem behavior.  In addition to field training, owners are taught in a classroom, blackboard environment about all aspects of dog owner responsibility including behavior psychology, veterinary care, first aid, nutrition, grooming and flea and tick control. Owners can attend weekly classes for as long as it takes to accomplish their goals.

Veterinary Services

Spay/Neuter Programs:  Millions of dogs and cats are being killed every year because there are no homes for them.  We don’t need any more unwanted puppies or kittens.  Spaying and Neutering also makes for a better behaved pet and helps in training.  The Society works with local veterinarians who have agreed to perform these procedures for the Society at a much reduced cost.  The benefit for the pet owner is that these are local veterinary hospitals, not some assembly line program with people no one has ever heard of before.  Owners, should they choose, can continue to use these veterinarians as their regular veterinarian because they are local and obviously have a vested interest in doing everything right.  Call us for a referral to a local hospital.

Emergency Veterinary Care:  The Society works with local veterinarians to try and help in situations where responsible pet owners need some temporary financial assistance or other help.  In certain cases, the Society has procedures established with co-operating veterinarians to advance the payment to the veterinarian with the understanding that it will be reimbursed to the Society by the pet owners.  Part of being a responsible pet owner is being financially responsible.

Low Cost Vaccination Programs: Low Cost Well Pet Clinics are held twice weekly at the Dog Wash, 5759 SW Green Oaks Blvd at I-20 (Big Lots Shopping Center), Arlington, TX 76017. Clinics are every week Sundays 4pm-6pm and Tuesdays 6pm-8pm. Please call for major holiday hours. Learn More…

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